4 Lessons I learned from Lego’s

Lessons Learned from Lego's

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Yesterday, my kids and I went to see the Lego movie. My six year old was far more excited about it than I was.  As the characters were in an action battle scene, I found my eyes glazing over as I began to drift off to sleep…I instantly popped up in guilt after a quick two minute nap…it was the best two minute nap of my life. When I glanced over at my son, I noticed the excitement in his eyes as he stared at the big screen with barely a blink. As I started to pay attention, I thought…“let me give this movie a fair chance”. Oh how happy was I, that I did!  Let me start by sharing that this movie is brilliant and full of all types of life lessons. It’s amazing how sometimes, we can sleep right through our lessons…I’m so glad that I didn’t! Let me share with you the top 4, that still have me beaming.

1 – You don’t need an instruction manual to tell you what to do and be!Some people will go a lifetime looking for a reason, explanation or “how to” manual to guide them through life. The sad thing is that some have become dependent on this manual. Sometimes, you have to lose that guide and listen to your heart and instinct. Then from there, take action in faith and courage. You may be impressed and amazed how you had what it took and the road map within you all along.

2 – You don’t have to be special…to be special! What the heck does that mean? Everyone has a quality, trait or talent that makes them special.  Quite often the most basic, ordinary average Joe (or Joan) can be just THE person to save the world. Just because you don’t have an “S” on your chest, or are too flamboyant or even a little basic does not mean that you are not special.  You, just as you are, could be the perfect answer to someone’s problem.

3 – Some things, are just not that serious… they are created to bring joy, excitement or fulfillment.  When it turns into something other than why you agreed to it in the 1st place…you may want to re-evaluate the situation. Never let things get so serious that you lose touch with the real reason why you took them on in the first place! It’s ok to be a kid at heart…take time to enjoy the simple things in life!

4 – Some things, are made to break and fall apart –  Most of want to believe that things should remain the same once we have it all together. However, in order to continue to grow, develop and thrive, we have to challenge ourselves to re-purpose the “bricks” we have in order to build more.  It’s not until you can build it up and break it all down, that you can discover the number of mountains and cities that you can create.


Kim Ikemia Arrington

Kim Ikemia Arrington is Executive Career Advisor, courage connoisseur and Founder/CEO of Courageant Consulting. Kim has been featured on Fox 5, CBS News and News Channel 8 in the Washington, DC, area as the go-to recruiting lead for large organizations. For several years she’s been the hiring powerhouse behind The Washington Post, Comcast Corporation, ICF International and several federal agencies throughout the United States.

She thrives on equipping her clients with industry secrets and tools to master and manage their career search, accomplish their career goals and obtain the courage to fulfill their dreams. Kim enjoys guiding her clients to “GET SEEN. GET HEARD. GET HIRED.” However, her ultimate goal is to lead the masses to living their dream life in work and business by

                                                                 DOING WHAT THEY LOVE AND LOVING WHAT THEY DO!