Kim Ikemia Arrington

Kim Ikemia Arrington

Kim is not your average Executive Career Advisor. With over 14 years of experience under her belt, she has quickly become the go-to recruiting and career development specialist for both large corporations and individuals in the Washington, D.C. area. As the Founder and CEO of Courageant Consulting, she has a passion and the talent for helping people take control of their careers, so they can Do What They Love and Love What They Do! She is obsessed with courage, dream chasers and entrepreneurship. So, whether it’s starting your own business, pursuing a certificate or degree, or chasing the career of your dreams, Kim will provide you with the confidence, assurance and tools you need to pursue your goals, so you can “GET SEEN. GET HEARD. GET HIRED.”


Abiding by the philosophy of “Skills for life vs. Job for life”, Kim is on a mission to change the way people view their careers. She firmly believes that “No Job is Permanent”, and in recognizing this, she is able to help her clients take control of their careers by arming them with industry secrets and the tools they need to mange their career search (or career change). Through various virtual and live development experiences such as “Do what you love”, “Accelerate Your Career” and “6 seconds to 6 figures”, Kim motivates her clients to accomplish both their personal and professional goals – all while obtaining the courage they need to easily transcend beyond their ‘job’ and into a position of influence!! In the end, it’s really not about having a job, but rather a fulfilling career you can be proud of. Then and only then, can you take control back from your job and become unstoppable!


Need even more reasons to work with Kim? How about the fact that she’s been featured on Fox 5, CBS News and News Channel 8 in the Washington, DC, area? For many years, she’s also been the hiring powerhouse behind The Washington Post, Comcast Corporation, ICF International and several federal agencies throughout the United States.


When she’s not helping her clients pursue the career of their dreams or sharing her secrets to personal and professional success via television and radio, Kim spends most of her time enjoying music and the arts, and being a mom to her two beautiful children. Speaking of her kids, she’s obsessed with her son’s budding sports career and spends the majority of the year cheering him on at his MANY games. She’s definitely what you would call a sports fanatic.

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