Fear is a natural emotion or response that is designed to protect us from harm.  To feel fear means your body is awake and it is doing its job to preserve you by sensing the presence of potential danger.    Your role is to analyze and challenge the fear trigger and make a decision on how to react to it.  When you believe that the benefit of risking the “threat” is greater than the fear you feel, and you will be able to push forward beyond the fear and in spite of the fear.

So if fear will always exist, and you have the ability to control your reaction to fear – why is it still in your way?   Perhaps it is because there are things in your life that you have not truly elevated above fear.   Examples:   When the need to eat is great enough, you will face fear and hunt for food;   If you need to save a loved one from drowning, you will face your fear of water;  When there is a cause you believe in with all of your heart, you will face your fear of rejection and isolation to stand up for that belief.

Take a moment to think about something you want to accomplish that you have stalled because of fear.   What would your life be like if you believed the benefit of that accomplishment was greater than the presence of your fear?   What would it take for you to move beyond fear and in spite of fear?   First , till take a shift in beliefs!   It takes a shift that demotes the weight of fear below that of whatever fear is keeping you from.

Let’s focus on that shift by replacing any current limiting thoughts with this new o犀利士
ne – My ( Insert what you want to elevate above fear) is Greater than My Fear!   That’s it.   It is just that simple.   Now you need to do the mental work to make this statement a new belief.   Start by declaring your new thought and sharing it.   You can share it in the comments below, or on the Courageant Facebook Page or Twitter feed.

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I will start – “My Passion Is Greater Than My Fear” ~ Kim Ikemia Arrington.    Your turn…