“Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability… steadfast in Courage and trusting in the ability of your God given talent, skill, grace, faith and perseverance! Have the Courage to do what you love and Love what you do!”

– Kim Ikemia Arrington | CEO/Founder, Courageant Consulting

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Courageant Consulting – A Career Empowerment Leader on a mission to inspire and cultivate a healthy and thriving workforce!
Do the work that you love…..love the work that you do!

Training and Speaking Topics:

Job Readiness

    • Career Mastery Mindset – Skills for life vs Job For Life
    • Interviewing Mastery – Acing the Interview (A comprehensive training on several types of interviews)
    • Acing the Interview: Behavioral Based Interviews 1
    • Acing the Interview: Behavioral Based Interviews 2
    • Resume Revamp
    • Social Media / Social Networking and your career
    • Social Media and your career search

Career Mastery & Communications

  • Cross Generational Communication (Gen X, Gen Y & Boomers)
  • Managing Up
  • Your Professional / Career Brand
  • Becoming a Leader in your lane
  • Persuasive Communication
  • The Halo Effect
  • Forming positive teams around you (even if you are not a manager)
  • Verbal & Non-Verbal Communications

Career Growth

  • Get Seen. Get Heard…GET HIRED!
  • Effective Networking
  • Career growth and goal setting…creating a plan and accomplishing your goals
  • The YOU in your work…how to be yourself and thrive in the workplace

Career Transitions & Empowerment

  • How to get from where you are to where you want to be in your career
  • How to do the work you love and love the work you do!
  • Get unstuck…get out of a job you hate and into a career you love!
  • Career transitions, the title shift…changing careers with ease
  • Changing the way you view your career
  • Stuck in between a dream and a job..how to get unstuck


  • Including diversity in your hiring
  • Employing Ability in your workforce
  • Management training on diversity hiring

Management Training

  • Magnetic Management
  • Lackluster Leadership – How to avoid it
  • The manager and mentor – How to keep your team thriving and eager to work

*Ask about our plug and play resources “The New Hire Grooming Kit” or “Interview P.R.E.P.P”

Thought Leader and Career Empowerment Enthusiast, Kim Ikemia Arrington has spoken often on stages and events ranging
from 25 to over 3500 attendees. Kim is currently the Senior Diversity Recruitment officer and the Co-Program Lead for the College Internship program for a large Washington, DC based organization. In this role, Kim has developed a program that supports and encourages persons with disabilities to take career control as well as co-developed career development opportunities for Millennials within the organization. In addition, Kim is also the CEO and Founder of Courageant Consulting Group and creater of Courageant Career Women. With her philosophy of “Skills vs Job for life”, she is on a mission to “change the way you view your career” by merging authenticity with desire and matching passion with skill to create, shape and mold a career that will cause you tothrive and be unstoppable! In Recognizing that NO ONE JOB IS PERMANENT, Kim is determined to teach others to take “career control,” by arming them with the tools of success to master and manage their career with intrinsic intention. She has encouraged hundreds to boldly pursue their personal and professional goals and obtain the courage to live out loud…in DOING WHAT THEY LOVE AND LOVING WHAT THEY DO.


While Kim enjoys her professional accomplishments and experiences; her greatest honor and most fulfilling experience title to date is to be a daughter, sister, friend and most rewardingly a mother.

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