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You’ve found the services page. Congrats! It’s now time to take control of your career and your legacy; it’s time for you to move beyond your job and into a position of influence! Because really wouldn’t you rather have a fulfilling career you can be proud of than a job that simply pays the bills? Check out some of the services Kim has to offer below and prepare yourself to “GET SEEN. GET HEARD. GET HIRED.”

Are you unemployed, stuck in a job rut, or eager to try a new field? Perhaps you’re even thinking about starting your own business? Kim provides both one-on-one and group career coaching to her clients so they can land their dream career without having to spend months applying to job after job. That’s right, as one of Kim’s clients, you’ll be filling out less job applications and getting more job offers! You’ll finally learn how to be recruited by employers instead of the other way around, and you’ll have access to the industry secrets and tools that’ll help you seal the deal on your new job (or business).

Kim’s career workshops are designed to help attendees land new jobs, upgrade their careers, and/or fuel a new business. These live workshops cover such training topics as how to leverage social networking to find hidden opportunities, how to revamp a resume, and how to interview like a champ. Attendees that are looking for a new job, for example, walk away from the workshop with insider secrets to what employers/recruiters are looking for and how to interview in such a way that leaves employers anxious to offer them a job. All this amounts to shaving months off of their job search!

Whether you’re a small business in need of staffing or a large corporation in need of recruitment training/consulting services, Kim has got you covered! She has over 14 years of experience as an Executive Recruiting Specialist, having managed the talent acquisition and staffing efforts for Spherion Staffing Agency in the past. She was also quickly identified as the “go to” recruiting lead for the Washington Hospital Center, Comcast Corporation, The Washington Post, ICF International and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Stuck in a rut? Want a fresh start but don’t know where to begin? Then look no further. Career assessments are perfect for anyone who is unsure of what career to pursue. These tests are designed to help people like you determine which careers are suited to your interest, values, skills, etc.

A perfectly crafted resume is your golden ticket to getting a job interview. It’s also the first thing employers see before they even have a chance to meet you, so you had better make sure it doesn’t tank your chances of getting hired! Work with Kim, and you’ll learn how to develop a powerful resume that’ll take your experience/skills and turn you into a highly employable and consistently sought after job candidate!

Kim provides both live and virtual training to individuals and corporations on a variety of different topics. In the past, she has helped develop internship programs, provided managerial training, and trained Human Resources personnel how to recruit the best candidates for their company.

Kim lives to motivate, inspire and encourage men and women to take bold and courageous action, to move beyond their fear, and to step into their destiny, so they can finally become unstoppable! She has been featured as a speaker on Fox 5, News Channel 8, CBS News and countless radio shows, where she has shared with audiences how they can take back control of their career. Throughout the Washington, D.C. area, Kim has delivered such career development experiences as “Do What You Love”, “Accelerate Your Career”, “Are Your S.T.A.R.S. Aligned?” and “6 Seconds to 6 Figures”.

A VIP Day is an action-packed, 1-on-1 strategy day that’s all about YOU! What do you need the most help with? Do you need guidance on how to decide what career is right for you, how to revamp your resume, or how to excel at a job interview? Kim will work with you personally to tackle any of these issues and more, so you can finally pursue the career of your dreams!

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