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The sad, yet awakening reality is that many of passion filled, purpose driven people will never fulfill their dream. Here are the 5 reasons why:

5 – It was all a dream…literally – Well, how can you grab hold of a dream? If you do not take the time to make it something tangible, your dream will live only in your mind. Write, draw, record, take a picture of it…sing or rap about it…just get it out and record it! Vision boards, journals, poetry and even songs are all great tools you can use to capture your heart’s desire! Some people never take time do this; they therefore forget how amazingly far they can go.

4 – “Stinking Thinking” and Dream Killers – So maybe you consider your-self a bit of a rebel and are not confined by rules.  What you may not realize, however, is YOU are the hardest person to convince that YOU have a lot to offer. Every now and then you may convince yourself that you are on to something great…but 85% or more, of the time, you get in your own way. You say or think things like: somebody is already doing this…I can’t compete…I have such a long way to go…nobody will want this…it’s too late…I should have tried this years ago…I’m not really qualified…I’m not the type to…I could go on and on. The hardest person to convince is actually YOU! You can beat yourself, far quicker than any competitor.

Another culprit is the Dream Killer, aka, the Toxin in your life. This is someone in your life who is negative, unsupportive, a naysayer, side-line critic or just flat out a “hater.” A Dream Killer can also be an environment that breeds negativity and drains life out of your enthusiasm. You must identify, acknowledge and remove the dream killer in your life as quickly as possible. Energy is contagious, keep it positive. Become your #1 fan, cheerleader and supporter.

3- You do not seek guidance – Ok, so you are a pretty smart person…besides, with all of the “how to”, self-help, do it yourself, kit in a caboodle bundle books, webinars, DVD’s and the good ole world wide web…you have it all under control, right? WRONG! You can easily triple the time that it takes to grow closer to your dream by doing it alone! In these cases, many often run in circles and fall out of their quest from exhaustion. Every great achiever has or has had a coach, teacher, mentor, advisor or guide. In order to be successful, you have to remain humble and be a student first and continuously. The moment that you think you have it all together and that you do not need anyone, is when it all falls apart.

2 – You are a cheap procrastinator, with poor priorities! – You want the world, but you “do not have the time”, neither will you make the sacrifice or dedicate your all to get what you want. Instead, you want to achieve your dream relaxed and comfortable; participating in the necessary tasks only when it is convenient for you.  Today’s “microwave fame” has really screwed up a lot of people. Some feel that all they need to do to get where they want to be and gain large reward is: be at the right place with the right (or wrong) person or, by putting in just enough effort. Those who are willing to study, practice, grind it out even when it hurts, invest their time and money where their heart is, and acts boldly and consistently, will have the sustainability to last a lifetime. You have to be willing to do the work even when it seems like no one is watching or no one cares.  Anything worth having is worth grinding and fighting for. Anyone can talk and think about it…the difference makers are those that get in and stay in action….even when they don’t feel like it, don’t have the finances and have no guarantee.  If you are not willing to put in the time, resources and energy it takes to achieve your dream, you are likely to get “half-baked results”.

1 – You keep it too real – Think about it, a dream often has no rhyme or reason. It often comes raw and untamed and with no boundaries! This…is what makes it so great! Think of one of the craziest dreams you have had. One moment you may be in your bed working on your laptop;犀利士
then within the blink of an eye, you are in a polka dot shirt and neon green overalls, singing the ABC’s during a live taping of American Idol…the great thing is that your mom, best friend and the nice waitress you just tipped extra are the judges! The point is, whatever your mind can create can happen in your dreams. Why then can it not happen in real life? It is often because we talk ourselves out of it. We remind ourselves that it does not seem realistic, it does not make sense, it is not logical or it is just too scary. We often want to keep it real. Sometimes you cannot wait for it to all make sense, feel good or be perfectly aligned. GET IN ACTION! Put all of that controlled, restraining thinking aside for a moment and listen to your heart, faith and instinct…what are they telling you? Having the courage to live in real life as you do in your dreams, is the ONLY thing that will get you to your dream. Now that…is the real reality!


Kim Ikemia Arrington

Kim Ikemia Arrington is Executive Career Advisor, courage connoisseur and Founder/CEO of Courageant Consulting. Kim has been featured on Fox 5, CBS News and News Channel 8 in the Washington, DC, area as the go-to recruiting lead for large organizations. For several years she’s been the hiring powerhouse behind The Washington Post, Comcast Corporation, ICF International and several federal agencies throughout the United States.

Kim thrives on equipping her clients with industry secrets and tools to master and manage their career search, accomplish their career goals and obtain the courage to fulfill their dreams. She enjoys guiding her clients to “GET SEEN. GET HEARD. GET HIRED.” However, her ultimate goal is to lead the masses to living their dream life in work and business by

                                    DOING WHAT THEY LOVE AND LOVING WHAT THEY DO!