Live Your BrandNow that your brand has been defined, it is time to activate and amplify it –or in other words live it and share it.   You have already outlined the message you want your professional experiences to tell, now it is time to spread that message.   There are many ways to do that.   Below are a few:

Your Habits / Activities – Your brand message is not a non-fiction tale, it is a summary of who you really are and what your real capacities are.    This means that your habits and activities need to support what your message is stating.    For example, if you want to position yourself as an child advocate, it would be helpful to: Have volunteer activities relevant to child advocacy; Attend a conference focused on human rights and advocacy; Showcase your knowledge on current events and key players in the field of child advocacy.  These actions and activities are an accumulation of you “living your brand message”

Your Resume / Cover Letter –   Choose some words that are integral to your brand message.   Include adjectives that describe who you are and how you work – “reliable, flexible, coachable, etc”.   Include verbs that detail what you do – “manage, support, coordinate, etc”.    Identify examples that illustrate the core message you want to send.   If you want prospective employers or partners to know that you are an innovator, provide an experience that shows how you created a威而鋼
new solution or initiative and be sure to include the results.   Be as quantitative as possible.  Also, use the objective statement in your resume to provide a summary of your brand message.

Social Media – Use your Social Media accounts to amplify your brand message.   Post links, quotes, comments, reviews etc that strengthen the message you are looking to share.   Example:  If you want companies to see you as an expert in IT, post a comment on a relevant article discussing an IT trend, post a review on a cutting-edge new IT book or tweet while at a technology conference letting the key players in your industry that you “live and breathe this stuff”.

Brand ambassadors – Your brand ambassadors are any people that might be sharing your message.   A common example of a brand ambassador is a job reference.   Be intentional about who you list as a reference and prep them ahead of time by letting them know the aspects of your story that are relevant to the position(s) you are seeking.   Be sure to choose individuals whose brands and reputations will work to strengthen your story.  Keep them up-to-date on your career so they can always represent you well.   Brand ambassadors are any people that you are trusting to endorse your professional capabilities and the message you are sending.   Take time to keep them up to date on your new accomplishments and achievements so they can endorse you accurately.

The opportunities that you will have to share your brand are endless.   The habits and decision you make in your career daily are either working for or against your brand.    Your brand is not authentic if your consistent actions do not support it.  Feel free to share below some of the ways you live and share your professional brand.